Corvid Tear Media is a non-traditional publishing house located in Boise, Idaho. We make comics. We make books. We make comic books. We also make a mean tangine. We recognize that the publishing landscape has gone through monumental changes in recent years, and it has become increasingly important to be adaptive, innovative, and responsive. In addition to producing our own line of novels and comics under the CTM imprint, we’re developing resources and expertise which will allow us to provide content creators with the tools they need to become successful in this ever-changing environment. Life is constantly conspiring to inspire us, from the gentle hum of bee’s wings delicately churning the air, to the raucous colors and sounds of a Thai vegetable market. There are so many reasons to rise and contribute to this brilliant symphony. We have chosen this path. We’d like you to join us. Let’s make the world more vibrant. Together.

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