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Pharmaceuticals are gone. What would you do?

After a series of devastating terrorist attacks deprives America of the pharmaceuticals on which it depends, Aberdeen Childress fights to keep her family and an apartment building full of lost souls sane and safe in a city run by agents of the very drug cartel responsible for the attacks. As the military moves in to stop the chaos, private companies deal with those off their medications, and fraudulent faith healers promise deliverance,  Aberdeen is forced to deal with the city’s tormentors to fulfill her needs, and those needs of the people she loves.  In this dystopian America, she must decide if she’ll become a heroine and overcome her enemies or give in to the allure of a fraying society and fulfilled desires.   Faced with an uncertain future and hindered by her own failing lungs, Aberdeen struggles to maintain balance, to save lives, and to survive in a world where chemicals are her salvation and her demise.

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The Ram:

The RamWhat if the question, “What’s Your Sign?” could get you killed?

Myth, murder and mayhem begin with the first book in a twelve-book series. The Ram starts things off with trauma, crises of identity, ritual and the burgeoning rise of a distinctly touched serial killer.

The story begins March 2016.







What Weeds Are Thinking:

Morning gloryUnloved, Unwanted, Unkillable. These weeds are about to give you a piece of their mind.

Sure, they aren’t sentient. But what if these pesky plants could think? Paired with delicate illustrations, these weeds aren’t wallflowers. Their thoughts are of the dirty, more disturbed, variety.

This humorous, adult picture book will be released Spring 2016.