Here at Corvid Tear Media, we’re proud of our talented flock.


Jeanju Clifton:

Jeanju CliftonJeanju received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Memphis College of Art and a Master of Fine Arts from University of Idaho. Her aim was to become an illustrator, but did she really need that much school? She says she’s just a nerd and loves studying… and slides! Jeanju has illustrated a children’s book, had a handful of solo shows, and created art for community events. Recently, she’s made the switch from 2D to 3D work, shaping and drawing on paper clay and creating sculptures that act as oddly-shaped sketchbooks. Jeanju also enjoy reading books and tarot, learning to play the auto harp like Maybelle Carter (she wishes!), and taking lovely, long walks in the foothills.





Erica Crockett:

Erica Crockett in line glassesErica writes. A lot. The term “prolific” doesn’t cut it. And when she’s not writing, she’s publishing, or editing, or eating processed meats, or meditating, or hanging with her buds, hugging her husband, or traveling to Colombia or Laos or some other international destination. Chemicals, her first novel, wonders what would happen to an America without it’s beloved prescription drugs. Her humor piece, What Weeds Are Thinking, arrives Spring 2016. And the first book in a twelve-book series about astrology, ritual and serial killing, comes out March 2016. It’s titled, The Ram. Whew.





Sarah Ragan Olson:

Sarah Ragan OlsonAn Idaho native, Sarah has been an artist all her life. She loves fantasy, webcomics, gardening, and a really good chocolate stout. Her illustrations can be found in the upcoming adult picture book, What Weeds Are Thinking. Sarah can be found on Facebook (SERO|Creates),  Twitter (@sarahlzrblaster) or email (